Monday, March 7, 2011


Cite nie, amat2 menarik prhatian aq. Cite dy sweet sgt. Romantik giler. Nk nanges aq tgok cite nie. Huhuhu.. Xpenah2 aq nanges, tetibe pas tgok cite nie aq nanges. Hahahahaha... Stiap kali aq start nk brcinta, mind aq tros set cite nie. Sbab pe?? Aq pon xtau. Aq teringin nk ade bf mcm Gerard Butler dlam cite nie. Hahahahaha.. Sweet sgt!

Ha.. Nie sinopsis cite nieyh::

Holly Kennedy is beautiful, smart and married to the love of her life - a passionate, funny, and impetuous Irishman named Gerry. So when Gerry's life is taken by an illness, it takes the life out of Holly. The only one who can help her is the person who is no longer there. Nobody knows Holly better than Gerry. So it's a good thing he planned ahead. Before he died, Gerry wrote Holly a series of letters that will guide her, not only through her grief, but in rediscovering herself. The first message arrives on Holly's 30th birthday in the form of a cake, and to her utter shock, a tape recording from Gerry, who proceeds to tell her to get out and "celebrate herself". In the weeks and months that follow, more letters from Gerry are delivered in surprising ways, each sending her on a new adventure and each signing off in the same way; P.S. I Love You. Holly's mother and best friends begin to worry that Gerry's letters are keeping Holly tied to the past...

Ngeh3.. Kalo nk tau endingnyer, korg kne la tgok cite nieyh. Huhu..
Nie antara screenshot cite nieyh. Enjoy. =)

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